Gas propellant for aerosol packages GPAP, is a liquefied petroleum gas in the form of fractions and (or) their mixtures (formulations) and change according to the saturated vapor pressure and fractional composition. Gas propellant used in those industries where very high requests on the gas content of mercaptans and moisture (perfumes and cosmetics, medical aerosols, refrigeration industry, car care products, building foam, domestic chemicals, paints and varnishes production). Cleaning GPAP is produced on a modular production line gas propellant. Dehydration and purification from sulfur compounds and heavier hydrocarbons based on natural and synthetic zeolites.

Fraction of liquefied petroleum gas produced from oil or associated gas.

Components Concentration
Vapor pressure at 20°C, MPa 0,16 ± 0,05
Components, %
– Methane, ethane, not more
– Propane
– Isobutane, not less than
– N-butan
– Unsaturated hydrocarbons, max
– Pentane, max
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptane sulfur, % max 0,0005
Mass fraction components, % max 0,021
Water, %, not more 0,01
Odour Odorless